Qurbani Eid for everyone Sharing is Caring

Living the lives of refugees, the Rohingya people are very deprived. In this impoverished state they are fully occupied with simply surviving so luxuries like a highly nutritious meal and enjoying festivities like Qurbani Eid is nothing but a pipe dream for them. They are fellow humans as well. They deserve the happiness of Eid as well. Their children deserve to look forward to finding hot steaming beef curry waiting for them as well. If not always at least for this Holy celebration, we can take initiative and make this possible for them. We can turn that pipe dream into a reality. Just imagine the smiles on their face, the fulfillment in their hearts they will feel when they will be able to have some Qurbani meat.

Thanks to the generous support of BASMAH USA, we have performed the Udhiyah of 36 cows which allowed 2000 families in Rohingya refugee camps at Cox’s Bazaar and crisis-affected families to fight hunger while fulfilling an Islamic tradition that honors commitment and trust of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) to Allah (SWT) during this Eid-ul-Adha. We distributed meat in Camp 14, Block E-5, Block 18, and Block13, Cox’s Bazaar and also in Camp Teknaf in Bangladesh.

Our Basmah Foundation team has successfully distributed 100% Halal, Qurbani-Udhiyah meat for the last three years with the continuous help from BASMAH USA and this way we made Eid for everyone instead of just us.

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