Fleeing from their own country and hometowns to a foreign nation the Rohingya Refugees have no way to receive medical attention. Combined with their horrible living conditions and exposure to nature these people are greatly vulnerable to disease outbreaks. Even the lack of regular medical checkups can prove severe to them and as long as they remain unregulated there will be a higher risk of casualties. It is up to us to systematically improve this situation and prevent the worst from happening.

In collaboration with BASMAH USA (Bangladesh American Society of Muslim Aid for Humanity) we established Medical Camp 3 at Camp 14, Block 18 Hakimpara, Ukhiya, Cox’s bazaar, Bangladesh. Every week more than 750 patients are treated in the medical camps overlooked by 6 to 10 staff members and volunteers. All patients are provided primary medical care, medicines, urgent care, distributing medicines, health advice, and so much more.

Our partner organization BASMAH USA grant us funds which help in running day-to-day operations of this medical Centre. This project and all services offered at this medical Centre is approved by Government of Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau (Approval Number – 03.07.2666.662.68.156.18.)

*** Due to the Covid-19 activities are currently closed, if the situation is good, the work will be resumed, Insha Allah. ***

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